Market Access Database

"...The Market Access Database is an important operational tool of the European Union's Market Access Strategy, supporting a continuous three-way exchange of information between: the EU institutions, Member States and European business. The Market Access Strategy is a key pillar of the EU's Trade Policy which aims to reduce the obstacles faced by European exporters of goods and services. The Market Access Database is a free, interactive, easy to use service providing : Information about Market Access conditions in non-EU countries.

- A systematic way for the European Commission to follow up complaints from businesses about barriers to trade in non-EU countries.

- A mean of ensuring that our trading partners are abiding by their international commitments.

- Better input for defining the EU's trade policy objectives on further trade liberalisation in the framework of the World Trade Organisation (e.g. Doha Development Agenda) and new free trade agreements between the EU and preferential partners (e.g. EU - MERCOSUR)."

Quelle: mkaccdb.eu.int